Thursday, March 14, 2013

Test writing to an Oracle directory

Let's say you want to make sure you can write to a directory you created.

1.  select * from dba_directories where directory_path = '/usr/tmp';

2.  In my case, I had three.  I decided to test the ODPDIR directory.

  l_file utl_file.file_type;
  l_file := utl_file.fopen( 'ODPDIR', 'ODPDIR.txt', 'W' );
  utl_file.put_line( l_file, 'Here is some text' );
  utl_file.fclose( l_file );

4.  I ssh into my server, cd to /usr/tmp, and I see a file called ODPDIR.txt has been created.  Whoot!

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